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TriREF PCI Board
Development board

Streaming Networks offers this extremely reliable and compact PCI based development board, for TM1302 based development.

This board consists of the Nexperia/TriMedia PNX1302 VLIW DSP CPU and all the necessary peripheral devices for building streaming video and audio applications.



  • 200 MHz PNX1302 VLIW DSP CPU

  • Full length universal PCI board

  • Memory

    • 32 MB SDRAM, 166MHz

    • Boot EEPROM

  • Camera inputs, PAL/NTSC CVBS, S-VHS

  • Digital camera input, CCIR 601

  • Video out, PAL/NTSC CVBS, S-VHS

  • Digital video out, CCIR 601

  • Stereo audio input

  • 8-channel audio out

  • IR remote control

  • JTAG

  • Extension connectors

  • Fully tested board support package (BSP)


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