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LPR-104HD system employs Streaming Networks’ innovative LPR technology to accurately read retro-reflective and non-reflective license plates of USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and European countries. Using infra-red (IR) or color video cameras the system reads misaligned license plates, vertically stacked characters, and plates partially hidden by plate frames.

The fast and reliable OCR engine is built on latest technologies and algorithms that provide highly accurate plate detection from a real-time video stream with a resolution of up to 1080p (1920x1080). It supports standard IP camera’s protocols and encodings standards such as MJPEG/HTTP and H.264/RTSP. Open architecture of the LPR system lends itself for the LPR data to be ingested by 3rd party Video Management Systems such as BVMS, GENETEC, MS-SQL, LEARN and iDS.

LPR System is designed to be an appliance, whereby you plug in the LPR unit to your network, change the camera IP address and credentials and you are ready to capture the license plates of the traffic passing in front of the camera’s field of view.

  Product Differentation
External storage support
  Built-in cellular modem
  WiFi connectivity
Data mining
All traffic accounted for
License plate analytics
Video evidence collection





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