Welcome To Streaming Networks Inc

Streaming Networks is engaged in design, development and manufacturing of embedded systems for law enforcement and consumer industries. We also offer firmware and application customization services. Our mission is to provide quality multimedia products. We offer complete system solutions, customized software & hardware development, and system integration. Areas of expertise are in video, audio, real time programming, code optimization, embedded hardware and system integration.


Today, Streaming Networks provides customer oriented solutions like Digital Video Recorder for security and surveillance, License Plate Recognition systems, Audio streaming solution, Video Communicator, iRecord Pro, iRecord, Videophones, Personal Video Recorders, etc. All these cutting edge solutions are powered by our own high performing software. Featuring H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1, MJPEG, H.263, AAC Audio, MP2/MP3 Audio, AMR and G.7xx speech codecs and various other software modules are all developed in house.


Our Vision:
Emerge as a global leader in Embedded Software and Hardware Designing by being at par with the latest technological developments.


Our Values:
Delivering high-quality products and services to meet customer expectations, commitment to quality and delivery time frame.

network enabled hybrid digital video recorder, player & streamer iRecord Covert

Streaming Networks offers iRecord® Covert (HDVR-100); a stand-alone, network enabled, hybrid digital video/audio recorder for security & surveillance applications, supporting both analog and IP cameras. iRecord Covert converts any analog camera to an intelligent, high resolution, network-enabled surveillance system. iRecord Covert enhances the functionality of the attached IP cameras by providing a store and forward A/V stream feature. Up to 4 IP cameras, including high definition camera are supported. Continuous, Event based and scheduled recording modes are available.


  • Supports analog and IP cameras
  • Network-enabled plug and play
  • Camera agnostic video & audio analytics
  • Event based, continuous & schedule recording
  • Offline play back mode
  • Email & SMS notification of events
  • Industry standard RTMP streaming

License Plate Recognition System irecord license plate

LPR-104HD system employs Streaming Networks’ innovative LPR technology to accurately read retro-reflective and non-reflective license plates of USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and European countries. Using infra-red (IR) or color video cameras the system reads misaligned license plates, vertically stacked characters, and plates partially hidden by plate frame. The fast and reliable OCR engine is built on latest technologies and algorithms that provide highly accurate plate detection from a real-time video stream with a resolution of up to 1080p (1920×1080).


  • External storage support
  • Built-in cellular modem
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Data mining
  • All traffic accounted for
  • License plate analytics
  • Video evidence collection

state-of-the-art vehicle surveillance and tracking system irecord bait car

The Bait Car (BC-100) is a state-of-the-art vehicle surveillance and tracking system, designed and developed specifically for the needs of law enforcement agencies that operate bait vehicle monitoring program. The BC-100 is a next generation bait vehicle solution with integrated vehicle status monitoring, input/output controls, and audio/video streaming and recording. The Bait Car (BC-100) system can also be used for a variety of covert vehicle surveillance and monitoring applications.


  • Converts any analog source to MP3 stream
  • Selectable MP3 bit-rates
  • Small form factor and easy to use
  • Local storage for recording, playback
  • Location-free Live monitoring over LAN or WAN
  • Remote access via web browser
  • Multiple users login support

Why Streaming Networks?​

Focused on embedded system design, tier-based and component-based architecture. Team of experienced software engineers with years of knowledge. Pattern-driven approach for design and architecture. Tool based development to optimize time-to-market. Technology competency upgrade through innovation and training