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iRecord License Plate (LPR-104VE)

Automatic Gate Controller and Guest Management System using iRecord LPR DESIGNED FOR HOAs, GATED COMMUNITIES AND BUSINESSES


iRecord License Plate (LPR-104VE)

Record LPR-104VE is a standalone appliance which seamlessly interfaces with a gate control logic for automatically opening a gate or a barrier (which could be virtual) to let an authorized vehicle pass. It uses Streaming Networks’ innovative OCR and image signature matching technology for reading a license plate of an incoming vehicle, matches it with an authorized list of license plates (whitelist), and automatically actuates a gate or a barrier to allow or deny access to the property. In addition, the system supports entry via virtual keypad app running on a smart phone. Virtual keypad app also allows users to generate a convenient one-click entry key for their guests and delivery vehicles. It further enables users to verify visitor vehicles at the gate and open the gate remotely. The system ensures a convenient hands-free access of authorized vehicles to a gated community or to a corporate facility. It further enhances the security by preventing intrusions

• Hands-free entry and exit through LPR.
• Touchless entry and exit through an app running on a smart phone.
• Integrated with BOSCH camera’s alarm output.
• Can co-exist with current infrastructures like intercom, remote control and keypad.
• Allows access to delivery vehicles through a single-click entry key.
• Designed for restricted or unrestricted exits.
• Temporary passkey is single entry – single exit.
• Entry passkeys are searchable and auditable with linked video evidence.
• App for gate control and guest viewing.
• For virtual gates event-based video records all traffic passing in field of view of camera.


Built-in storage

Stores vehicle records (image of the vehicle and license plate, owner information, vehicle category (member or visitor), entry mode
(key or OCR), time stamp, camera name) on a built-in SSD (up to 1TB).

Video surveillance

The system has rich HD video recording and retrieval options for security and surveillance at entry and exit gate(s) or barriers. Supports event based
and continuous video recording modes accounting for all traffic.

Built-in cellular modem

The system has a SKU with built-in cellular modem for sites without Internet connectivity.

Hot plate alerts

Supports hot list feature to alert security personnel upon arrival of flagged vehicles. Has provision to send alerts as e-mail or SMS notifications.

Data mining

Supports search for vehicle records and associated video at entry and exit gates by time stamp, owner information, plates, passkeys, vehicle
category, wild card number patterns etc.

Robust design

Single-purpose, in-field upgradable firmware running on a rugged field tested hardware of extremely small form-factor, with power consumption less than 5 W and designed as an appliance.

Limitless Applications