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iRecord License Plate (iVEE-104A)

Multichannel, Multilane Entry-Exit (LPR) System


iRecord License Plate (LPR-104A)

LPR-104A system employs Streaming Networks’ innovative LPR technology to accurately read retro-reflective and non-reflective license plates of USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and European countries. Using infra-red (IR) or color video cameras the system reads misaligned license plates, and plates partially hidden by plate frames. The system supports both fixed and mobile camera applications.


Streaming Networks’ state-of-the-art vehicle entry-exit (iVEE-104A) system outperforms conventional License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems in attaining the high degree of accuracy needed by Automatic Vehicle Access Control (AVAC) applications. The system combines optical character recognition (OCR) with patent-pending image recognition techniques to accurately identify authorized or known vehicles, even when the license plates have low contrast, are soiled or damaged.


The system is designed for residential, commercial and government installations with up to four entry/exit points and parking zones of capacity up to 5000 vehicles.


Data storage options

iVEE-104A stores vehicle records in a database hosted locally at the
edge in a USB attached storage media, and also transmits vehicle data to a remote storage server in real-time. 

Barrier control

The system automates vehicle entry-exit applications with built-in barrier control capability to actuate gates and barriers through dry contact switches, allowing hands-free operation. No cards or tickets needed.

Hot list and White list support

To facilitate law enforcing agencies, the system can monitor a hot list of
wanted vehicles having up to 800,000 entries and send alerts as Email or SMS notifications. In access control mode, a white list containing
authorized vehicle records can be updated on-the-go as the vehicles arrive, or can be updated in an offline manner.

Wide applicability

The system is designed for residential, commercial and government installations with up to four entry/exit points and parking zones of capacity up to 5000 vehicles.

Data mining

iVEE-104A system supports rich database searching and data mining options. It records license plate image, color overview image and H.264
compliant color video clip of the vehicle as part of each vehicle record, and provides information about the number of parked vehicles, their
stay duration and other useful statistics.

Flexible operating modes

iVEE-104A system is available in vehicle access control, parking
management and traffic management flavors.

All traffic accounted for

The system captures all the traffic passing in front of the field of view of the camera and categorizes each vehicle’s license plates as readable, unreadable or missing. Unreadable and vehicles without license plate can
searched by time.

Easy setup

A user friendly installation mode with active graphical help is provided to assist in installing LPR cameras.

Adaptive processing

In access control mode, iVEE-104A learns from operator feedback and adapts itself to improve its accuracy to identify difficult-to-read license plates, thereby ensuring fast and easy entry of authorized vehicles and
eliminating intrusions.

Open architecture

The LPR system has been designed to be an open architecture which enables it to interface with 3rd party Video Management Software such as Bosch® VMS, Cisco® Kinetic for cities platform, Vigilant® LEARN data server, Genetec® VMS, Microsoft SQL and Milestone.

Web based and stand-alone GUI interfaces

You can operate the system through its user-friendly GUI accessible via Web browsers with multi-user support. Alternatively, the system provides a PC-free stand-alone GUI for installation purposes that is accessible via keypad and HDMI monitor.

Monitoring & control using hand held devices

In addition to PCs, iVEE-104A is designed to operate remotely via smart phones and tablets including iDevices and Android powered devices.

Camera installation mode

A user-friendly camera installation mode is available with active graphical help to assist in installing LPR cameras

Compliant with iDS and LEARN® databases

The system can store vehicle records in iDS and LEARN archival systems for commercial and law enforcement applications.

Typical applications

• Automatic vehicle access control
• Automatic parking management
• Traffic monitoring
• Toll collection
• Law enforcement

Integration with Bosch® Video Management System

The LPR system is integrated as a local-storage edge-device in Bosch Video Management System (BVMS), providing BVMS users with access control functionality.

Robust hardware architecture

Built using a field-tested ARM based hardware of small form-factor that eliminates the need of a general-purpose computer. The system runs a field upgradable single-purpose firmware with core-engine optimized for ARM-NEON architecture.