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iRecord Bait Car

State-of-the-art vehicle surveillance and tacking system, designed and developed specifically for the needs of law enforcement agencies.


iRecord Bait Car

The Bait Car system (BC-200) is a state-of-the-art vehicle surveillance and tracking system. It is designed and developed specifically for the needs of law enforcement agencies, operating bait vehicle program. The BC-200 is a bait vehicle solution with integrated communication, vehicle status monitoring, audio/video streaming and recording and input/output controls. The BC-200 system can also be used for a variety of covert vehicle surveillance and monitoring applications.


The BC-200 box can be connected with 4 analog covert cameras, 2 line-level analog microphones, 5 input sensors and 6 output sensors. Each bait vehicle is registered either with a Bait Car Server (BCS-200) or a Bait Car Mobile application (iCBaitcar). A state change in any of the input sensors will trigger an activation which gets reported to the associated monitoring and control application. The monitoring officer can remotely control the output sensors, for example enable/disable the ignition, lock/unlock the doors or honk the horn. The BC-200 system also has a Geofencing feature that provides notifications when a vehicle enters or leaves a specified geographical area.

Key Features:
• Integrated communication, recording and maps.
• Supports 5 input sensors and 6 output controls.
• Supports 4 video and 2 audio analog inputs.
• Monitoring & control via web app or mobile app.
• No need for monitoring agency.
• Activation notification to multiple agents.
• Call transfer between multiple agents.
• Google and ESRI maps support.


Live Streaming / Recording

Simultaneous remote monitoring (streaming) and local recording of the audio/video streams. Four analog cameras and two analog microphones are supported. You can view video in single, dual or quad mode. On Mobile App, you can switch among cameras.

Built-in Cellular Modem and GPS

Sierra Wireless Modem module MC-7354 is used for cellular communication and GPS data retrieval. All major cellular carriers are supported. Modem can be programmed in field to change cellular service providers.

WiFi Connectivity

BC-200 has built-in WiFi for setting up and testing a bait car vehicle. It can be enabled and disabled on demand.

Multiple Quality Streaming / Recording

Video resolutions are chosen by a user. For wide band connection, high resolution MJPEG is recommended, for narrow band connection QVGA
resolution should be streamed. Video on the local storage is always recorded in high resolution at full frame rate using H.264 standard.

General Purpose Inputs and Outputs

BC-200 has 5 optically isolated input sensors and 6 optically isolated output controls. Input sensor can be wired to door, trunk, hood, dome light, etc. The output sensors can be wired to door, horn, ignition, etc.

Email/SMS and Alarm (Event notification)

Email and SMS alerts can be sent upon low battery and an activation.

Multiple Portable Storage Media Support

Event log, video, audio, graphical locations, street path and speed are recorded on the SD card or on a USB storage media.

Google and ESRI Maps Support

The BC-200 Server supports both Google and ESRI Maps to display detailed street maps and trajectory of the stolen bait vehicle.

Monitor & Control Via Mobile & Web App

BC-200 has a built-in server which can be connected to a client through a
web interface also known as Web App or through a Mobile App (iCBaitcar).
Any activation is communicated both to Mobile and Web Apps. Mobile
Application can handle 2 activations simultaneously. Mobile Applications can also communicate peer to peer to thereby creating a pseudo mesh network among handling agents.

Live GPS Tracking & Recording

Embeds GPS data in video recordings and provides live tracking on Google maps.

Bait Car Server

Bait Car Server runs on a Windows platform in a virtual mode. A version of the Server also comes with a Keylock. It has a SKU which supports multiple
agencies. Each agency can see only its registered bait vehicle.

Syslog Server

Syslog Sever records the heartbeat for all the bait vehicles regardless of their state. Every 5 minutes, a bait vehicle sends it Battery Voltage, Temperature, Status and Event logs related to input and output sensors.

Playback and Video Management

Provides powerful playback and video extraction features. Patented trick-modes and event filtered playback provides quick and efficient access to recorded contents for local/remote viewing and analysis. Can extract video clips from a single/multiple recording in various resolutions. Files can also be archived to preserve them for future use.

Offline Mode Playback

Offline playback of recordings on a computer is possible through an offline-mode player application available on the USB device.