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iCBaitcar Mobile Application

A Bait Car Tracking and Monitoring Application



Bait Cars are used to discover and apprehend individuals or teams involved in stealing cars. A conventional Bait Car operating model involves a Bait Car, a monitoring agency, and a law enforcement agency. Bait Cars are deployed in high auto theft areas. When theft is attempted, a notification is sent to the monitoring agency along with video and audio from the Bait Car and its GPS location. A law enforcement officer closest to the Bait Car is then dispatched by the monitoring agency to make an arrest and recover the stolen Bait Car. Streaming Networks’ iCBaitcar application that runs on smartphones (iOS/Android) and as a web application eliminates the need for a monitoring agency, thereby giving complete operation control and data access to the law enforcement agency. The iCBaitcar application continuously monitors ARMED Bait Cars for activation at all times. iCBaitcar can run on multiple smartphones concurrently, thereby creating a collaborative mesh network among officers monitoring Bait Cars. Upon activation, an audio clip “warning vehicle being stolen” is played on all the devices registered with the Bait Car. Upon call acceptance, video, audio, location map, sensor status, sensor causing the alert, car speed, and driving direction are displayed on the screen. An officer who accepted the call is able to activate the required output sensors.


The iCBaitcar application works with Streaming Networks’ Bait Car model BC-200. BC-200 supports 5 input and 5 output sensors, up to 4 analog cameras, and 2 mono audio channels. Multiple BC-200 units can be registered and monitored with the iCBaitcar application. It can handle up to 2 activations concurrently and is capable of switching between the activations.


Also supported is a headless Bait Car Server which serves as a data backup for BC-200 units. All the data recorded on the BC-200 unit is synced with a headless Bait Car Server upon call end/activation. An officer can generate a summary report if needed. The headless
server can also be used as a standard Bait Car Server. iCBaitcar’s smartphone application home page portal has Track, Files, and Boxes options. A brief description of each tab is given below:


* Track: Lists all the BC-200 units registered with the application. It also shows a map, GPIO sensor status, and video display window.
* Files: Shows Audio and Video (A/V) recording on a selected BC-200 unit.
* Boxes: Shows BC-200 units registered with the application and from where boxes can be added/edited and deleted.


* Multiple BC-200 boxes can be registered with the application

* Live Streaming /Recording during Testing

* Up to 2 activations can be handled simultaneously

* Real time speed and GPS tracking of an active vehicles

* Map updated in real time with trace of an active vehicle

* Output sensors can be actuated

* Video feed switching in case of multiple cameras

* Email/SMS and Alarm (Event notification)

* Playback of recorded video from a BC-200 unit

* Call transfer between multiple agents

* Google and Apple Maps support

* All agents involved have real time access to Maps and A/V